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The National Register of Cultural Monuments

The National Register of Cultural Monuments is an official register administered by the National Heritage Board to keep records of cultural monuments, heritage conservation areas and findings of the cultural value.

The Register is both a day-to-day tool for the National Heritage Board and a public database. The information in the Register is constantly renewed and updated. The National Register of Cultural Monuments has been linked to several other databases and registers (including Population Register, e-Land Register, Estonian Land Board) through the data exchange layer (X-tee).

You can find from the Register:

  • information on monuments (including a description of the monument, references to photographs, statutes and directives related to the monument);
  • digitized photo collection and archival records by the National Heritage Board;
  • information on activity licenses issued by the National Heritage Board;
  • various basic research (including the inventory of the 20th-century architectural heritage, the database of the rural architectural heritage, the register of shipwrecks);
  • different external registers (including the burial site register, war graves register);
  • information for using the registry data as open data.


    The Register is located at

The National Register of Cultural Monuments is both an information and a working environment

Without logging into the Register, you can:

  • make queries on the basis of the name, type, address or registration number of the monument;
  • get acquainted with the digitized photo collection and the archival records of the National Heritage Board;
  • get acquainted with various basic research.

When logging into the register as a citizen (ID-card or Mobile-ID), the user can:

  • get a more detailed overview of the data of the monuments belonging to them;
  • submit co-ordination requests and review approvals;
  • submit applications for support.


An administrative environment is a tool for officials because:

  • the Register contains information about all the monuments.



Additional information:

Karin Merilo 
Head of Registry Office
640 3043